Change Log

June 18, 2019:
Course platform installed.  Went through the Set-up Instructions.  Changed VIP Wait List as default home.
Did as much as I cam on the MemberPress Set-up instructions. Will get back to it after I get my course ready for launch.
Working on the Content Set-up instructions in the afternoon.

June 22, 2019:
Having problems with the height of the footnote.  Will look at how to fix that when I am almost ready to launch the course.
Added the image for the four modules; added the lesson titles for module 1. Change the color of text on the module box to F8F8FF (ghost white). Looks better!
Module 1 page is DONE! Except for the Course Header – not urgent to change right now.
Changed default text from Open San to Monserrat.  Changed text size from 14 to 16. Changed header color from #666666 to #2F4F4F (dark slate grey)
Added first part of automation in Mailerlite and a Contact form in case VIP listers would like to ask questions about the course before launch time.